Choosing a Car Mechanic in Tacoma

Choosing a Car Mechanic in Tacoma

Making a decision about where to take your vehicle for oil change or routine maintenance can be anything but routine. There are a wide variety of choices at varying price levels, including the local dealership, an independent garage, or a major automotive service chain. There are many factors that can affect your decision, starting with your vehicle and your budget.


– Dealership
aking a vehicle to a dealership for regular maintenance is the most expensive option, but there are several benefits. Dealerships have invested in specialized machines, tools, and training for best service. Dealerships always use original manufacturer replacement parts, which ensures consistency with regard to fit and performance. Some dealerships even provide free loaner car while your car is on service for a few days.

-Local garage mechanic
Independent mechanics vary widely in terms of expertise, price, and convenience. Some independent mechanics specialize in repairing one or just a few brands. Sometimes these shops have mechanics with a high level of expertise (many are former dealership employees) and have invested in the special, brand-specific equipment required for the brands they service.

– Major chains
Taking your car to an auto chain or to a specialist is generally the most economical route for maintenance or small repairs. Technicians who work at these facilities, however, may have less training and therefore be less capable of handling brand-specific issues. This means that basic work that is similar on most vehicles can usually be handled quite easily, quickly and not so expensive.

There are several tips that you should consider in seeking for a car service, namely, there are some indicators in services offer that you might find attractive in choosing one, such as:

– Mechanic passed vocational training for servicing your type of vehicle
– Mechanics and professional staff are working by manufacturer standards
– Service is using exclusively specialized tools and diagnostic devices approved by manufacturer, which provides correct and quick repair of your vehicle without additional costs
– Availability of all technical details about your vehicle by manufacturer, at any time
– Payment includes only time required for specific repairs, as provided by manufacturer, any additional time spent for repair is free for you
– Using and installation only original spare parts
– All time availability of every spare part in stock, for every regular maintenance
– In case of malfunction that requires parts out of regular maintenance, provision of short time of procuring new original parts
– Service uses only quality and standard oils and liquids necessary for your vehicle. If you do it by yourself, it might occur as a bad choice and cause damage to your vehicle or your safety
– Service works on scheduling, so you don’t need to wait and your obligations will not thole
– You get all the information about costs and necessary repairs on your vehicle
– There will not be any repair or replacement of any part without your permission
– Every service and repair is written down in your service book, which makes further resale easier and mark you as a reliable vehicle owner

– Old parts, pulled out of your vehicle will be given to you for inspection, and you can keep it
– Possibility to track and monitor servicing of your vehicle if you want to
– Payment options offer ( cash, cards, deffered payment, checks…)

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